Week 4

During week 4 I have had a lot of time to work on my project 1, I have finished up the paragraphs that I still need t complete I add all the little touch up we worked on class as well. All the questions I had were answered this week and FM helped me a lot. I think you are going through everything at a good pace , I haven’t really felt rushed which I like as well I feel good about this first project. The only question I had was if I send you my P1 in email could you look at it and make sure it is okay ? this week I also got a chance to watch the video about the operating systems and I had found that to be a little boring but it did have some interesting points. The How Computers Work video wasn’t as bad I actually thought it was a cool video because there was many thing I didn’t know and im glad I know now . Overall I like this class a lot , I already have learned a lot and I am excited to see what else we get to do.


One thought on “Week 4

  1. Let FM know that you appreciate his efforts. It is really nice of him to volunteer his time to help out. He does not get paid for this effort.

    I can’t really do any pre-submissions for assignments, as I just don’t have the time — sorry.

    After submitting your Project 1 as a Word file using the upload link on our Moodle page, you should save the file in the PDF format and post it to your WordPress Web site. We can review how to do this in class if you want.

    I still owe you a grade for the E1 evaluation assignment and hope to get this done sometime on Wednesday.

    We will start learning about spreadsheet late this week and perhaps begin Project 2 – We shall see.

    Keep up the good work. See you in class.


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