Week 2

On week 2 I had to fix some things up on my website I had forgot to do the week before . I have also been looking at what we have to do for the first project and have been trying really hard to figure it but it is a little confusing and I think I am going to need help this week in class . The last thing I did was watch the videos that were put up , I found the filter bubble video to be so interesting and mind blowing because I never knew any of that, it’s kinda scary to  think about ! Overall I have done a lot the last couple weeks and I find this class to be very interesting .


One thought on “Week 2

  1. You are missing a week 3 blog post. Try and do this done soon.

    Good job on your blog comments. I like to hear the individualized feedback from students. You may want to provide a bit more information about what you are doing and any challenges you have encountered.

    How are you doing on your project 1 research links? Have you written all your paragraphs yet?

    Did you submit your E1 evaluation assignment?

    We plan to complete project 1 this week and publish it to our Web sites.

    Please see me or attend an SI session after class if you need some help.

    Keep up the good work.


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