Week 1

This is my first log entry to my WordPress blog. This blog will allow my professor to see a history of my effort and accomplishments on a weekly basis for this class. The effort I put into this blog will be evaluated and used to determine part of my grade. I will need to make at least one log entry into this blog each week in order for the instructor to consider me as active and participating in the class. Blog entries can include anything I want, but should allow my professor to see where I am with respect to homework tasks, assignments, evaluations, hands-on activities, and application projects.

Last week I was working on creating my website and completed it, then I watch the history channel video. I thought the video was interesting and I learned stuff I didn’t know before.


2 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. You Web site looks great.

    Your Web page title and sub-title need to be updated. You need a “Home” menu item.

    You need to post a “Week 2” blog and let me know what you have accomplished this week.

    You need to setup a “Weekly Effort Blog” category.

    How are you progressing on your Project 1 research?

    See me in class if you need any help.


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