Week 4

During week 4 I have had a lot of time to work on my project 1, I have finished up the paragraphs that I still need t complete I add all the little touch up we worked on class as well. All the questions I had were answered this week and FM helped me a lot. I think you are going through everything at a good pace , I haven’t really felt rushed which I like as well I feel good about this first project. The only question I had was if I send you my P1 in email could you look at it and make sure it is okay ? this week I also got a chance to watch the video about the operating systems and I had found that to be a little boring but it did have some interesting points. The How Computers Work video wasn’t as bad I actually thought it was a cool video because there was many thing I didn’t know and im glad I know now . Overall I like this class a lot , I already have learned a lot and I am excited to see what else we get to do.


Week 3

During week 3 I have been trying to figure out the project 1 one and will most limey need some questions answered this up coming week. I also think I will have to come in to SI this week just to I am doing everything right. I didn’t get a chance to watch the youtube video but i will try and watch it this week. Lastly I did the E1 questions and turned them in with no problem . I like how this class is going and i just hope i can keep up.

Week 2

On week 2 I had to fix some things up on my website I had forgot to do the week before . I have also been looking at what we have to do for the first project and have been trying really hard to figure it but it is a little confusing and I think I am going to need help this week in class . The last thing I did was watch the videos that were put up , I found the filter bubble video to be so interesting and mind blowing because I never knew any of that, it’s kinda scary to  think about ! Overall I have done a lot the last couple weeks and I find this class to be very interesting .

Week 1

This is my first log entry to my WordPress blog. This blog will allow my professor to see a history of my effort and accomplishments on a weekly basis for this class. The effort I put into this blog will be evaluated and used to determine part of my grade. I will need to make at least one log entry into this blog each week in order for the instructor to consider me as active and participating in the class. Blog entries can include anything I want, but should allow my professor to see where I am with respect to homework tasks, assignments, evaluations, hands-on activities, and application projects.

Last week I was working on creating my website and completed it, then I watch the history channel video. I thought the video was interesting and I learned stuff I didn’t know before.